Residential Construction in Olympic Valley

For the house that is the standout beauty on the block, hire Brumm Built as your custom home builders. Our collective skills and years of experience are unmatched, and homebuyers would be hard-pressed to find such high-quality craftsmanship and leadership for these rates elsewhere. Get the house you’ve always dreamed of with a phone call to (530) 320-1802 now.

Discover the Services Offered by Our Residential Contractor

With our professional residential contractors working on your new home build, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will be problem-free. Your vision becomes our sole purpose, as your choices and preferences guide the build, not ours or the city’s. Helpful services we offer before construction are:

  • Using technology to create a 3D virtual image of your dream home with all your specifications included
  • Exposing you to material and product selections through our showroom and the top local vendors we partner with
  • Hiring the top local plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and tech wiring specialists to subcontract at the job site, and arranging their contract and payment in full
  • Narrow down available land sites until we find the perfect fit
  • Help you get financing at the bank
  • Arrange all permits, licenses, and inspection appointments.
  • Creation, presentation of estimate and finalized contract

New Construction Homes

Many beautiful new homes have popped up in Olympic Valley recently, and many of them were built by yours truly. These are modern takes on classic home styles with clean edges, huge glass window walls, and striking combinations of wood and black exteriors. But what matters most to us is the home style that speaks to you. Our designers are highly knowledgeable and can help you find interior and exterior styles that suit your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

Custom Home Builders in Motion

With all papers signed and choices made, the work can begin, and your dream home comes to life piece by piece. We’ll practice open communication with you throughout as we ensure your vision is the inspiration behind every hammer stroke and drill whir. 

The building process looks a little something like this:

  • Site excavation
  • Foundation dig and pour
  • Wall, floor, ceiling, door, and window framing
  • Insertion of electrical wires, plumbing pipes, HVAC tubes, etc.
  • Sealing of walls, installation of foundations and moldings
  • Painting, staining, tiling, and grouting
  • Door and window installation
  • Installation of cabinetry, built-ins, sinks, countertops, HVAC equipment, light fixtures
  • Backyard features
  • Clean up and walkthrough

Our Custom Homes

All our custom homes are works of art, expressing our clients’ style and individuality. They have structural support and solid and sturdy bones for long-lasting enjoyment and functionality. Expertise and care are applied at every stage of the project, and it shows.

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We love seeing the awe that crosses our clients’ faces the first time they see their new home, and we look forward to wowing you too.

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