Home Additions in Tahoe City

The home additions provided by Brumm Built are well known in Tahoe City and for a good reason. We bring value, much-needed space, and organization to homes that have been outgrown. We save families from having to relocate, sell the home they love, or spend incredulous amounts of money on a new home but still provide them with the feeling of a new space and breathing room. 

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Brumm Built: Skilled Home Addition Contractors

All our house addition projects are examples of our artistry, quality materials and products we use, functionality and space we add, and satisfied owners. We’re proud of our reviews and have worked hard to earn our Tahoe City reputation for knowledgeable staff, affordable vendors, and beautiful results that add value to the property clients already love.

Licensed, Certified, and Insured Home Addition Contractors

We have more collective years of schooling, training, and experience than our competitors, who can’t match our quality for the rates we provide. Every project is preplanned by engineers using industry technology and techniques to ensure safe and secure results. Even when we leave the home for the day, we ensure that our worksite is safe to protect you and your loved ones. 

Spectacular House Additions

Imagine what could be gained by adding another story above the house, garage, or both! If up isn’t an option, we can dig down to create a finished basement. Homes with basements and second stories can expand with side or rear extensions. The possibilities are limitless, even on a smaller scale, such as a bump out or enclosing a front porch for year-round relaxation.

Useful Room Additions

We take underused or outdated rooms and make them into spaces that serve a fresh purpose for daily use and convenience. Bring functionality and organization to a crowded house with Brumm Built at the helm of the build. Our specialties include:

  • New bathrooms
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Home offices
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Attic to den or bedroom
  • Garage to gym or bedroom
  • Walk-in and storage closets
  • Additional kitchen
  • Decking

Addition Contractors Building Your Vision

We love a client with a full vision and a collection of photos for us to use as a resource. But we also love helping create something with our clients, as we have a wealth of knowledge and ideas, both classic and modern. We love integrating technology and energy-efficient selections wherever we can but never try to extend a client beyond their budget.

House Addition Work Stages

The efficiency and speed in a home addition are remarkable when a company is as practiced as Brumm Built. Our process includes:

  • Pre-Build: Assessment, estimate, contract agreement, material and product selection
  • Phase One: Demolition, preparation
  • Phase Two: Building the structure from the outside in, safely and securely
  • Phase Three: Installing all the design features, appliances, etc.
  • Phase Four: Walkthrough, cleanup

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