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Many individuals dream of building a custom home but believe it’s simply unaffordable. At Brumm Built, we strive to provide our clients with a home building service that can meet a range of budgets, whether you’re hoping to build a home for retirement or vacation property in the Truckee area.

When you contact our team, we will book a consultation at your earliest convenience, discuss your goals for the project, and get started on the planning process.

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Get Started on Your Custom Home Building Project

The planning stages of your home building project are perhaps the most crucial element of the process entirely. Setting out a clear, scheduled plan will help to ensure that the build goes off without a hitch. When you book your initial meeting with our team, we will get started on the design plan by discussing what style of home you hope to achieve and the materials you’re interested in using. At this time, we will also talk about your budget and the timeline you’re working with. 

Once we have developed a project plan, we can also provide you with a cost estimate. 

There may be changes to the plan as the process naturally progresses, but if financial changes are necessary, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Work Closely with the Area’s Best Custom House Builder

Our home building company can take charge of your project from start to finish. Once we have helped you develop a plan, choose a location, and obtain necessary building permits, we can get started selecting materials, ordering them in, and hiring subcontractors to get to work. 

We will oversee your project from vision to fruition to ensure that everything goes as planned.

If you have questions or concerns at any point in time, please don’t hesitate to direct them to our contracting team. We’ll be happy to chat with you. 

When you work with our custom builders, you can expect:

  • Detailed project plans
  • Accurate estimates
  • Knowledgeable builders
  • Access to the industry’s best products and materials
  • Fantastic results

Find Great Savings with the Help of Our Custom Home Contractor 

Building a home is not a small investment, and odds are you’ll be trying to save money where you can. Our team will be happy to introduce you to products that bring value to your property without breaking the bank. We can show you roofing solutions and heating and cooling appliances that will actually save you money on your bills over time. 

Our goal is to deliver you a home that you can love and appreciate for years into the future. Saving money without sacrificing quality is a significant part of getting great results. 

Work with a Seasoned Home Builder

When you want to work with a trusted local home builder, our team is the go-to choice. We offer personalized homes tailored to your lifestyle and functional requirements. Count on us to build and design a home that matches your preferences and incorporates sustainable materials and timeless designs.

Our project managers offer extensive expertise in planning, budgeting, and supervising custom home builds, prioritizing quality through strong partnerships with top local subcontractors. When you partner with us, we cover every aspect of your home-building process, ensuring you won’t need to worry about a thing with our services.

Full-Service Custom Home Construction

Brumm Built is a full-service custom home construction contractor, offering a one-of-a-kind building experience. Our carpenters and builders handle every facet of your project, from initial conceptualization and blueprints to the actual construction and architectural detailing. As a result, your bespoke home will materialize just as you envision.

Our range of services includes:

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Framing
  • Home design
  • Interior design
  • Interior finishing
  • Exterior finishing
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • ...and more!

We have what it takes to construct a residence complete with features custom-designed to suite you and your loved ones. From beautiful kitchens to spa-like bathrooms and everything in between, your personalized home project begins here. Call our office to request a preliminary consultation.

Our Custom Home Build Process

Our custom-build process is tailored to ensure every detail aligns with your goals for a home that matches your desires.

Here’s a transparent breakdown of our approach:

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Design and planning phase
  • Permitting
  • Site Prep
  • Construction
  • Regular updates and communication
  • Quality assurance and finishing touches
  • Final walkthrough and handover

Tailored Home Design That Reflects Your Lifestyle

Being a custom home builder, we develop tailored home designs that reflect your lifestyle. From color palettes and themes to material selections, a partnership with us means you’ll have complete control of the details. Our client-centric approach allows you to stay up to date on all progress as a luxurious home that seamlessly integrates your functional needs and style preferences unfolds as expected.

Recognizing the potential for added expenses in custom builds, we diligently strive to harmonize our designs with your budget, ensuring we help you stay within your financial constraints. At the heart of our mission, we value crafting a home that complements your unique future. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and begin shaping the home you’ve always wanted.

Code-Compliant New Home Construction

Building a home requires overseeing many moving parts, from blueprint creation and material selection to following local building guidelines. Our code-compliant new home construction processes are straightforward. We handle all permit applications and ensure your project meets safety and legal requirements at every phase.

Your peace of mind and the structural integrity of your new home are our utmost priorities. Trust us to navigate the regulatory landscape, guaranteeing a compliant and secure construction process. Do you have a new home project on the horizon? Our versatile team will expertly handle all necessary paperwork, ensuring seamless compliance with local bylaw regulations throughout your project.

Get in touch to schedule a consultation with a project manager from our celebrated team.

Brumm Built Builds Beautiful Custom Homes

If you’re interested in custom-built homes, you’re in the right place. Our custom house builders are excited to work with you, so please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.