Hardwood Flooring in Truckee

For beautifully installed hardwood floors that exceed all expectations, call Brumm Built. Hardwood flooring is the heart of our business, just as it’s the heart of commercial and residential décor. Perfect hardwood installation takes trained professionals, and our team sets the bar high for skill and knowledge of hardwood flooring types and techniques in Truckee.

We can always be reached at (530) 320-1802 when you’re ready to take your flooring to the next level.

Hardwood Floor Installation Excellence with Brumm Built

We’ve studied hardwood floor installation our entire careers, garnering decades of information, experience, technique, and expertise. We didn’t stop improving our craftsmanship at our trade school certification or business licensing, and we won’t stop anytime soon. As the hardwood floor installation industry grows, we grow with it, staying current with the most efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced practices and equipment for our customers’ benefit.

Wood Floor Installation Experts

We help clients make informed decisions about the most suitable types of wood floor for their space. Installations of various hardwood types have their own specifications, but we’ve perfected each. We can explain the differences between each hardwood flooring type in an understandable way until our clients can narrow it down to that perfect variety. We begin every job with a consultation, where we visit the space to conduct a complete assessment and inspection and offer you a no-obligation estimate on your hardwood flooring. Communicating with our clients with integrity and their best interests at heart has fueled our success in Truckee.

Our Hardwood Installation Strategy

As veteran professionals of hardwood installation, we operate organized, methodical job sites, verifying all along the way that no step is missed and no corners cut. 

The following is a brief breakdown of our process:

  • Initial meeting: We assess and inspect the existing floor and collect client specifications
  • Additional consultation: We offer guidance to the client on finalizing the material selection if required and calculate an estimate reflective of projected hours and materials
  • Preliminary steps: After signing with the client, we take the lead on ordering materials, scheduling deliveries, acquiring permits and regulations, securing required equipment and team members
  • Pre-installation: We lift the existing floor and discard or save the material for repurposing; we prep the subfloor, leveling and priming the surface for flawless hardwood installation.
  • Installation: We proceed to complete an efficient, safe, and exacting installation of hardwood
  • Finishing: We provide a coating, stain, or sealant if required
  • Final clean-up: We remove all equipment, excess materials, and debris
  • Documentation: We deliver invoice and certification papers to the client
  • Follow up: We follow up with the client to ensure their satisfaction

Complete Wood Floor Installation Service

Whether the project is for a single room, whole house, lobby, or office suites, our wood floor installation service can accommodate. We can also advise which varieties of wood will work best in high-traffic or shoes-on areas and bring samples for the clients to see, touch, and compare. 

Some of the sought-after materials you can choose from include:

  • Unfinished planks
  • Pre-finished planks
  • Engineered wood
  • Reclaimed hardwood
  • White and red oak
  • Cherry
  • Ebony
  • Birch
  • Pine
  • Maple
  • …and more!

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